We gladly accept refunds or replacement order if it's damaged, defective, or lost during transit for any reason.

We don't accept returns. As due to the nature of print on demand, it is not necessary to return the product, as all of the products are made on demand. As there is no print issue or a product issue with the order, we are not able to reprint or refund the order.

Please take a picture of the damage and send us a missage within the first 7 days to receive the package.

Another reasons

Please before confirming the purchase be sure either it’s really the object you want, color and size you want, and the amount you want, and the delivery times because once we start to manufacture it we can not accept returns or refund the amount paid for these reasons.

“It’s not the shipping time I need.”
“It’s not the object I really want.”
“It’s not the color and size I want.”
“It’s not the customization I want.”
“It’s not the amount or dimensions I want.”