What is made by order products?

All drawings are handmade printed. The fabrics also are handmade. This means that we print to order in real time but we don't have any items in stock in warehouse.

Designers: The first step. Once we receive your order we draw for you making the adjustments (as the color, text and dimensions) of the piece.

Approval: Once we have the drawing we send you a preview sample for your approval before to send to the printing process.

Printing process: Your order is sent to the printing process in our printing companies and it cannot be undone.

Shipment: Once the order is printed and well packaged we send your package throught USPS , DHL or UPS .

Do you have Pick up ? 

We don't have any pick up.

¿What can you do for you about delays?

Once the packet is at the post office the postal delays are in hands of shipping company. You can reaching out through your tracking number shipping page (USPS, DHL..etc) and ask about your package.

If the package is lost in transit we are so glad to help you with that.
I’m glad to speak with you :)

DOMESTIC ORDERS: They have a tracking number. You will receive a shipping notification once we ships your awesome item. If you want your tracking number, please ask me for it after 3-4 days from this notification.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Unfortunately we don't have tracking number for all the orders. It depends of every shipping partner. 

Discounts and coupon codes

From time to time we offer discounts please note that this might be discontinued at any time.

Coupon codes are only applicable to the product that refers the coupon. It can’t be applied to other products .

If you place the order with a mistake coupon code the order will be automatically cancelled and then you can put your order again with the correct coupon code. 

Production and Shipping times

The shipping times are estimates and not guaranteed. Please keep in mind .


4 - 6 days for production time + 2 - 8 days for standard transit time

- However you can CANCEL your order within the first 2 hours at no fees refund cost.


4 - 6 days for production time + 1- 4 weeks for transit times

- However you can cancel your order within the first 2 hours.

Yes, we also hate delays. However, if there are some Coronavirus issues, local post office delays, routing issues, Christmas time, or bad weather, it could be longer. The given shipping times are estimates and not guaranteed. Please keep in mind before to order. Thanks.

We assume that the customer has read and agreed to these terms before to place an order.

Returns and Refunds

We gladly accept refunds or replacement order if it's damaged, defective, or lost during transit for any reason.

We don't accept returns. As due to the nature of print on demand, it is not necessary to return the product, as all of the products are made on demand. As there is no print issue or a product issue with the order, we are not able to reprint or refund the order.

Please take a picture of the damage and send us a missage within the first 7 days to receive the package.

Another reasons:
Please before confirming the purchase be sure either it’s really the object you want, color and size you want, and the amount you want, and the delivery times because once we start to manufacture it we can not accept returns or refund the amount paid for these reasons.

“It’s not the shipping time I need.”
“It’s not the object I really want.”
“It’s not the color and size I want.”
“It’s not the customization I want.”
“It’s not the amount or dimensions I want.”

Custom fees, duanes, taxes

Any costs or customs fees occurring from shipments (both domestic and international) are not the responsibility of Nalugi in no case (including replacements).

Personal costs resulting from delayed or lost shipments are also not the responsibility of Nalugi. Please contact your local post office if you are unsure of the customs, duties, or expected transit times for your country.

Each country may have its particular rules and additional fees that we find impossible to reflect here. That is why these rates (fees, duane, taxes,…) are not added in the shipping product, but must be paid by the buyer. You can read about it in your post office.

We recommend to ask me before purchase any item if you need it for any specific date.

Custom and personalized orders

The price of the items includes up to 3 custom touches at no extra charge. Some each additional touch adds 5 USD (working time) paid before touching up the item again.

- Please ask me for make an assessment (working time, additional cost…)

- Place the order previously. Please add a little note to the seller with a short and clear description.

- I will send you via Etsy convo a digital proof within 1-2 business days for you to review. If proof approval is delayed, your shipment date will be delayed.

- When it’s all right I will send to produce your beautiful personalized order.

Please note that the custom orders are not refundable. Thank you for understanding. 


The Lulais Store reserves the right to cancel transactions

Shipping in greeting times or Coronavirus issues.

At this time the printers and the shipping companies have delays. Also at Christmas time they are busy and deadlines are longer. Please we ask you for plan your Christmas purchases on advance. In some articles we have expedited shipping that have an additional cost. Please ask me before place the order and I will glad to make a valoration. Thank you for your patience.



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